Richard Rose Morton Academy Starts On Site

Enabling works have begun on Richard Rose Morton Academy, the sister to Richard Rose Central Academy, also designed by a full interdisciplinary BDP team, and the second of four academies which collectively form the Cumbria Academies project. The academy received planning approval on 16 December 2009.

Located in a suburban area to the west of Carlisle, the new school will accommodate 1150 pupils and a 250 place sixth form. Conceived as a ‘butterfly’ plan the open form of the building welcomes pupils from both the south and north. The south incorporates the main entrance, an open plaza and ‘urban orchard’ which provides an appropriate green space between the academy and the adjacent Wigton Road.

The plan design allows the soft teaching spaces to occupy the eastern wing, and the hard spaces; workshops and science rooms, to occupy the western wing.  The two wings are linked together by a ‘mega bridge’ at the narrowest point of the building’s atrium which visually splits the space into two distinct halves. The northern half is for dining use, and the southern is the showpiece of the building, a large multi-functional space.  An enclosed hall sits at first floor level above the dining area, the roof of which accommodates the sixth form.

The academy will complete in September 2011.