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Adam Bradshaw

Adam Bradshaw

Civil and Structural Engineering Director London

Adam works on global projects which range from complex roof and facade structures to educational facilities and large scale headquarter developments for defence, retail, transport, commercial and healthcare clients. Adam has over 16 years’ experience, specialising in designing laboratory and healthcare projects.

He leads the Civil and Structural Engineering team on the AstraZeneca Headquarters in Cambridge. The building will serve scientists and staff and will be the largest biotechnology campus cluster in Europe providing pharmaceutical and biologics enterprises with first-rate facilities. The building is designed with a floating aesthetic, formed by substantial cantilevered floor plates, engineered to meet challenging vibration and movement criteria. Column grids are maximised to capitalise on flexible internal space and the building will be topped off with a unique saw-tooth profiled roof to create a series of signature north lights.

Adam has a passion for collaborative design and looks to achieve the best structural solutions whilst acknowledging the importance of the aesthetic and functional needs of buildings. Adam also leads the Civil and Structural BIM and Technology Task Group.


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