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Chris Croly

Chris Croly

Building services engineering director Dublin
+353 [0]1 474 0600

Chris manages the building services engineering team in the Dublin studio and ensures that it maintains its reputation as Ireland’s leading sustainable building design engineers.

Chris has had the opportunity to work on many of Ireland’s lowest energy buildings, including Gaelscoil an Eiscir Riada zero carbon school and the National Maritime College, and on tracking their performance. 

Many of his buildings have achieved impressive energy results that are twice as good as ‘good practice’ and at little or nor additional cost to clients.

Beyond the scope of his normal engineering work, Chris is involved in research which has influenced the energy performance of a large number of projects allowing the benefits to be multiplied beyond BDP’s own projects. He also provides energy conservation support to the wider BDP group.

Where do you see the industry in 2050?

The tools available will change dramatically as new low energy efficient systems emerge such as fuel cell CHP.  This, combined with a dramatic drop in on-site renewable costs may result in the removal of grid based systems and their replacement with increased building autonomy.


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