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Dominic Hook

Dominic Hook

Architect Director London
+44 [0] 207 812 8253

Dominic Hook is an architect director in the London studio who specialises in public sector projects.

Dominic’s work focuses on public healthcare and education projects and he particularly thrives on the challenge of working on large projects with complex sites and briefs. He was the design team leader on the multi award-winning 60,000m2 Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool and also took the same role on the Cardiff and Vale College Community Campus. This 16,500m2 vocational learning hub, which won an RIBA award, was completed on a very fast timescale from winning the design competition and was opened by the Welsh First Minister.

Currently Dominic is the co-design lead on our 127,000m2 Children’s Hospital of Ireland located in Dublin. The project was won in competition and is due for completion in 2023. The project is the largest, most complex and significant capital investment project ever undertaken in healthcare in Ireland. Dominic is also currently the project director of the new Oak Cancer Centre for the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, south London. The building will be a new outpatient facility and is funded by charitable donations. It will contain a new day care unit principally composed of 63 chemotherapy infusion bays which are arrayed in a sweeping crescent facing a new richly landscaped garden. Located within the heart of the facility is a floor for dry lab research. The project will have strong links with the adjacent Institute of Cancer Research headquarters and sits in the centre of the London Cancer Hub masterplan. The project is due for completion in August 2023.

Dominic particularly enjoys designing with a creative interdisciplinary team, drawing upon the best skills of its collaborators. His favourite holidays are city breaks and it is his quest to explore as many inspiring, beautiful and diverse cities as possible

What will be the key characteristic of your industry in 2050?

“Designing form, place and space will take place in real-time in an entirely immersive virtual environment and you’ll be able to invite anyone (colleague, client, student, patient, clinician) to join you in shaping it.  When it’s oven ready you will just need to press 3D Print for physical realisation to commence.”


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