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Anna Sinnott

Anna Sinnott

Planning director London
+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Anna leads a wide range of urban planning and masterplanning projects in the London urbanism studio.

Working nationally and internationally she specialises in providing expert planning consultancy advice to large design teams, working closely with the architectural and other professions.

Anna enjoys working on projects requiring a wide range of technical skills including Environmental Impact Assessment, planning consultancy, policy planning and masterplanning. Her effective communication and negotiation skills have been fundamental to the successful implementation of large urbanism projects such as Xi’an Cultural Central Business District, Qingdao Westcoast, London South Bank University and Norwich Research Park.

What will be the key characteristic of urbanism in 2050? “No matter how many times the planning system is reformed the planners will always get the blame!  I believe planning is a reflection of urban life… it’s complicated.”


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