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Keith Papa

Keith Papa

Architect director, Head of science, research and technology London
+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Keith is head of science, research and technology. He has played a leading role in many education sector projects including schools, higher and research buildings.

Keith specialises in design for education, most recently with a focus on the briefing, design and delivery of science research buildings, espousing collaborative working.

He has also been responsible for some of our most innovative school designs, including the award-winning Marlowe Academy and Bridge Academy.

He is passionate about raising the aspirations of clients, end-users and other stakeholders, to demand more of places designed for learning.

How will the role of architecture develop in the next 40 years?
“Architecture and urbanism provide the framework that supports social interaction. As it becomes possible to live, learn, travel and communicate more and more in physical isolation from others, the role of architecture will be even more to create places to bring people together.”


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