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Professional Lighting Design Convention

When: 28th – 31st October
Where: Ergife Palace Hotel, Via Aurelia 619, Rome

Associate lighting designer Chris Lowe will be one of the moderators for the Cities Forum Face to Face (F2F) talks on Wednesday 28th October, 10.15 – 15.25 as part of the pre-convention meetings for the 5th PLDC taking place in Rome.  The forum is a platform for information and interaction between cities, lighting designers, city and urban planners, lighting researchers and the industry as a whole.  Designers and researchers will present case studies to PLDC partner city representatives who will then be given the opportunity to discuss the lighting activities under development in their own cities.  Following this attendees will move from table to table for 15 minute moderated discussions based on 12 topics about lighting in the public realm in cities and Chris will moderate the Darkness v Safety topic.

Chris and his team were the lighting designers for the award winning UK Pavilion at Milan Expo working as part of an interdisciplinary BDP team together with Nottingham-based artist Wolfgang Buttress, contractor Stage One and structural engineer Tristan Simmonds.