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IALD Enlighten Europe

When: 13th -15th November
Where:  Marriott Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Lighting designers Colin Ball and Chris Lowe are both speakers at the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Enlighten Europe conference in Prague. Colin is in the afternoon art track on Monday 14thwhen he will present Archetypes of Night looking at how aspects of current physics are transforming our relationship with the night sky as powerfully as modern lighting is removing it. He will explore myths of the stars, showing how culture was historically born out of the desire for humans to represent themselves as the stars and discussing recent photographs which reveal how we still unconsciously represent ourselves at a macro-scale in a mirror image of how we see the sky and the universe.

Chris is in the morning art track on Tuesday 15th when he will present with Philip Rafael of Studio Illumine on The Dark Art: Visual Information and the Choreographed Experience.  They will look at what makes a design visually captivating and what are we responding to when we like a design.  We know the human visual system analyses a scene immediately, picking up an astounding amount of information from its surroundings and a well-designed lighting scheme can mindfully take advantage of this human ability, creating a hierarchy of focal accents in what can be described as a choreographed visual experience. Darkness is as vital as light in creating this hierarchy, resulting in a visually and mentally stimulating scene that captivates our attention and captures our admiration.

IALD Enlighten Europe is a boutique conference experience focusing on the needs of the European lighting community. Blending traditional seminars with innovative workshops and unique collaborative experiences, it is designed to give attendees skills, tools and inspiration to apply immediately in their practices.