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Making and Shaping the City

When: Tuesday 28th June
Where: BDP,  1 North Bank, Sheffield, S3 8JY - map & directions

BDP’s Sheffield studio will be hosting and supporting the second in a series of events designed to explore the potential of creative collaboration to transform public spaces.  The Making and Shaping the City event is organised by the University of Sheffield for an invited audience of design and planning professionals, policy makers, academics, artists, city government officers and environmental groups.

Acclaimed artist Wolfgang Buttress will talk about the multi-award winning Hive which was the focal point of the British Pavilion at last year’s Milan Expo and which is now on display at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. The 17m high structure brings together art, science, sound, architecture, engineering and landscape to highlight the challenges facing bees today and their important role as pollinators.  BDP’s interdisciplinary team worked with Wolfgang on the project and recently they jointly won the AJ100 Architectural Collaboration of the Year award.

Wolfgang will be joined by Peter Massini, the Environment Advisor to the Mayor of London who is leading the debate on how we view nature in cities and Ton Muller, the Senior Planner for Amsterdam, currently responsible for the planning and development of a new quarter for the city that integrates high density living with innovative environmental design.