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When: 25th – 27th October
Where: Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore

Lighting designer Chris Lowe will speak on the last day of this year’s Professional Lighting Design Convention (PLDC) in Singapore. Jointly presenting with Philip Rafael he will talk about visual information and the choreographed experience, looking at the relationship between lighting design methodology and the user experience of a lit scene.  Together they will discuss how lighting cues create design hierarchy, how focal accents can provide visually and mentally stimulating designs and will explore the opportunities and potential influence that a choreographed experience has on a conscious and subconscious level with supportive case studies to promote further discussion. 

In 2011 Chris and Philip founded The Dark Art movement which explores the relationship between darkness and light within the context of architectonic design. This has grown and evolved into a profession-wide debate and a range of international speaking opportunities at seminars in Milan, Madrid, London and Copenhagen. 

The annual  PLDC was created for the global lighting design market. Designers, architects, researchers, universities, industry and clients use PLDC as a platform to meet, learn about the latest developments in lighting design, and discuss the future of the lighting profession.