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London Build

When: 27th – 28th November
Where: Olympia London

Architects Joaquin Monge and Juan Morillas and sustainability consultant Jon Hall are all speaking at London Build 2019, the leading, largest construction and built environment exhibition and conference for London. Joaquin will present on the first day on Sustainable Urban Design talking about how climate change and an expanding world population is affecting our way of designing cities through transit oriented developments and the use of innovative data collection techniques. He will use as case studies some of BDP’s recent transport and urban design projects including Bach Dang Harbour, Colindale Station, Whitechapel Crossrail Station and Tewkesbury Garden Town.

Juan will join a panel discussion on the first day looking at redefining sustainability across the construction sector, with a particular focus on raising awareness of climate change and assessing the real impact of the construction industry on it. One specific action to address this would be to understand the greenhouse gas emissions from cradle to cradle, related to every building, that would then facilitate an accurate understanding of which buildings have a less negative environmental impact and benchmarking based on the obtained data.

Jon will present on the second day on Making Spaces Better for People, looking specifically at designing for health and wellbeing. He will be discussing thermal comfort, lighting and air quality and identifying how these can make more comfortable and productive environments for building users. Case studies will include the UEA Enterprise Centre, UCL Student Centre and One Angel Square, Northampton.

London studio’s lead on equality, diversity and inclusion, Sam Kingsley, is a Diversity in Construction Ambassador for this year’s London Build. She will be attending the conference to raise awareness of the importance of nurturing diverse practitioners and fostering an environment of inclusion in the construction industry.