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Steve Gillham presents on Smart Cities

Shanghai studio chair, Steve Gillham, is presenting on 26 March at the Smart Cities Conference in Wuhan, one of China’s fastest-growing and most dynamic cities.

The conference is part of UK-Wuhan Week which runs from 23 - 27 March and consists of a series of business events to strengthen the trade and investment links between Wuhan and the UK, including its twin-city Manchester.

BDP has a long history of working in Wuhan and has recently masterplanned a new ‘smart city’ business district for the Wuhan City Government, which will be used as a media case study exemplifying UK-China trade.

Philomena Chen, Head of Asia Pacific Trade, UK Trade & Investment said: “UKTI North West has worked with BDP for over six years and the company is a great example of turning business partnerships into a blueprint for growth. This is not just about BDP going in and doing the projects. It is more the case of finding the right Chinese partners and staying in the China market for the long term. China’s urbanisation process provides huge opportunities and BDP has the foresight to help China in the long term.”

BDP has also designed a major new retail and leisure destination for Inter IKEA Centre Group in Wuhan which is due to open in June.