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Women in Architecture Partnership Programme

As one of the largest employers of female architects, BDP is proud to join the Women in Architecture Partnership Programme in association with the Architects’ Journal and The Architectural Review.

The programme supports the campaign to help change the industry for the better, celebrates the best design by female architects from around the world and promotes role models for young women in practice.  

Chief executive John  McManus says: “BDP was founded on a culture of collective responsibility. The practice’s ethos of the continuous collective instils in our teams a sense of family and, as a family of studios, we aim to be inclusive, supportive and encouraging. There is no doubt, however, that our profession needs to change and, as one of the largest employers of female architects in the country, we are delighted to become a partner of the Women in Architecture Programme.

Our ambition in joining the programme is simple: we need to level the playing field in our profession, remove unconscious bias and find ways to provide further support for all of our people regardless of ethnicity, class, sexual orientation or gender. We aim to accelerate our understanding of those issues that impede the progress of women in practice and to take action to break down those barriers.

Over successive decades our practice has evolved for the better and we believe our studios offer exceptional working environments for all. But we recognise that much more needs to be done to tackle gender inequality within the profession and we come to the programme with a willingness to learn and to become better.”