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American School of Paris campus completes

The American School of Paris offers an international academic programme to students aged 3-18 from 50 different countries around the world. Set in a beautiful parkland campus at Saint-Cloud, in the western suburbs of Paris, our design maximises the use of buildings and landscape to enrich the learning experience for everyone at the school and creates a strong relationship with the external landscape and views.

A strong overall identity for the campus has been created as well as for each of the individual lower, middle and upper schools. This meant clustering each building and providing collaboration spaces to enhance the learning experience by providing a wide variety of settings beyond the traditional classroom.

A new five-storey upper school building with collaborative learning space on each level provides a landmark at the west of the campus, while a new arts building creates a shared space between the upper and middle schools. The existing middle and lower schools have been extensively refurbished providing new facilities throughout.

Project director Chris Harding said: “Working with ASP has been a novel and rewarding experience. It has been an exemplar of stakeholder engagement and the involvement of everyone in the design process. We are confident this immense effort results in an environment to inspire and prepare future learners for the challenges of a rapidly changing world.”

BDP was architect for the project which completed earlier this year.