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BDP runner up for Dubai Expo 2020 UK Pavilion

BDP is runner up in the competition for the Dubai Expo 2020 UK pavilion with design concept The Great Space.

We brought together a creative team including leading UK astrophysicists at Jodrell Bank, Tim O’Brien and Teresa Anderson, to create a pavilion that focuses on the importance of looking to the stars to help shape our future on earth. It looks at how cutting-edge research, connections across borders, and innovations in technology can answer some of the biggest questions in the universe, create new opportunities and help inform a more sustainable future for everyone.

The pavilion is a UK collaboration of science, music, architecture, art, landscape, soundscape, lighting and video technology to inspire and amaze. The concept uses a strong sculptural environment in combination with these deep rich multi-sensory experiences to take visitors on a unique and visceral journey and create an emotional and engaging experience. It inspires visitors to think about and engage with the UK’s role in space exploration, and the importance of the development of technology.

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox MP said: “The quality of design proposals we received for the UK pavilion was testament to the UK’s world leading creative talent. This announcement follows a competitive tender process which saw a number of leading designers and firms form consortia to bid for the multi million pound contract, and we are grateful for their submissions.”

Architect director Mark Braund said: “BDP was delighted to be shortlisted for the UK pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020. Building on our success from Milan Expo 2015 we brought together an amazing team under a shared vision by looking to the universe so together we can reshape how we see the world. Thank you to our partners Jodrell Bank Observatory, Giles Miller Studio, Hoare Lea, RES, Event Communications, Turner & Townsend, Mac Consulting and JamJar for an amazing journey.”

BDP’s UK pavilion for the Milan 2015 Expo with artist Wolfgang Buttress won the International Prize for Best Pavilion Architecture.