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Constructing Excellence Wales Digital Forum Launch

Caldicot School architect lead, Tim, and BIM manager, Alex, talked at the Constructing Excellence Wales Digital Best Practice Forum Launch on 6 September on the innovative technology we employed on the Caldicot School project which recently opened its doors to students. 

Joined by the Simon Kneafsey of Monmouthshire County Council, we demonstrated how we used a mix of technologies centred on the Revit model to assist the briefing, validation and construction processes. We showed how a our collaborative approach from the outset enabled us to capture the brief and then develop the design with the full engagement of the key stakeholders. Emerging technologies played a significant part in the success of this approach.

Alex described how he had managed to develop a series of interfaces for the modelled information in order to support the deign process. The particular innovation that we focussed on was the addition of a QR code to a C-sheet, produced for every room in the building. This enabled the users to access the VR technology through the use of their mobile phone sand laptops, preparing them for the briefing sessions in advance. Alex managed to automate this process, enabling the team to keep the users up to date with the latest information linked to the original QR code issued. This in turn was adopted on site during the construction phase. The QR codes were displayed in the corresponding spaces on site, allowing the sub-contractors to use the same mobile technology to view the coordinated model.