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Environmental Management Policy

BDP is a design practice which specialises in building design and believes it has a duty to promote good environmental and sustainable design with its clients and to ensure good environmental performance within its business operations. BDP is committed to provide the necessary organisation, commitment, communication to staff and training to achieve this duty.

To deliver this, BDP will:

  • Comply with all legal and other requirements that relate to our environmental aspects
  • Aim to use resources efficiently and to minimise waste, water usage, energy consumption and other consumables
  • Monitor the environmental performance of our business operations and design services
  • Develop targets to deliver environmental performance improvements for our design services and business operations
  • Review and revise targets annually against actual environmental performance to deliver continual improvement
  • Endeavour to continually reduce the environmental impact of the outputs of our design services and of our business operations and prevent pollution
  • Report on environmental performance and achievements
  • Develop a strategy for the firm to move towards sustainable procurement of the goods and services used in business operations
  • Communicate this Policy to our employees, contractors and stakeholders
  • Review this Policy annually or when there are significant changes.

This Policy is in compliance with BS EN ISO 14001:2004.

This is BDP's Environmental Management Policy and as chief executive I commit myself and the company to it.

Responsibility for the Policy

For the purposes of this policy, the Head of Sustainability will have primary responsibility for the regular review and update where appropriate. The responsibility for the appropriate and effective application of the policy across each studio is with the Studio Chair (UK) or Studio Leader (International).

This is BDP's Use and Misuse of IT and Telephony Equipment Policy and as chief executive I commit myself and the company to it.

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John McManus
Chief Executive
Date: 3 January 2017