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Health and Safety Policy

The Company aims to:

  • Carry out all activities in compliance with relevant statutory provisions.
  • Provide a safe environment for our Employees and all those affected by our undertakings.
  • Raise the profile in revitalising Health and Safety universally and promote commitment, control communication, co-ordination and competency both internally and externally.

The Directors and Senior Management shall:

  • Implement the Company Health and Safety Policy.
  • Actively promote the safety culture within the company and with the companies with which we work.
  • Continually review and improve the Safety Arrangements and Procedures.
  • Afford relevant importance to Health and Safety considerations in planning all business activities.
  • Facilitate regular Employee consultation on Health and Safety matters.
  • Inform Employees and those under the Company’s direction, of the statutory obligation to work safely without risk to themselves or others, both in the Company Offices and whilst working on or visiting sites.
  • Provide relevant information and resources for ongoing training of employees in matters of Health and Safety.
  • Ensure that our Policy and Safety Arrangements are made available/accessible to all our Employees.

Policy statements also address:

  • Worksafe, or Refusal to Work
  • Environmental Management

and procedures also address:

  • Working with Asbestos

Through the promotion of continuous improvement, the Policy will be updated and reviewed at least annually, or as and when it is deemed necessary, to reinforce the Company’s attitude to Health and Safety and any changes shall be communicated to those affected.

Responsibility for the Policy

For the purposes of this policy, the Quality Director will have primary responsibility for the regular review and update where appropriate. The responsibility for the appropriate and effective application of the policy across each studio is with the Studio Chair (UK) or Studio Leader (International).

This is BDP's Health and Safety Policy and as chief executive I commit myself and the company to it.

John mcManus signature.jpg

John McManus
Chief Executive
Date: 3 January 2017