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100 Acres Golf based Masterplan


Location Client Size Completion
Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India Godrej Properties Limited 100 hectares Design - July 2016

Project details

The project is a design of a Golf Residential Masterplan for a 100 acre site in Greater Noida. Golf Estates are a fairly new phenomenon in India. The estates normally tend to be exclusive, repetitive and offer a sterile living environment because they cater largely for only one (the high end) income group.

What sets this Golf Estate apart from others, is that the golf living experience is offered to a wider range of income groups. The more diverse population gives rise to a range of housing typologies, different amenities to cater for different needs. The masterplan has been designed as a group of ‘urban villages,’ where strong communities with a sense of belonging can develop.

The design has a strong focus on the public realm and the streets, as that is where residents meet and interact. In the design of the masterplan, the foundation is laid for the creation of a residential township that will be a pleasurable and memorable living experience.

The masterplan was designed in a collaborative process with BDP, GPL design studio, EPC and Golf Design India.

Integrated services

masterplanning, urban design, landscape architecture