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B&Q Store Support Office


Location Client Completion
Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK B&Q 2011

Project details

The building for the DIY retailer is designed around an entrance atrium which is the main heart space and includes areas for meeting, relaxation and interaction. A restaurant, café, and shop are located adjacent to this atrium, and open onto a courtyard.

The elevational treatment of the building reflects its function with the orange room and conference block to the right and left of the entrance, which are both striking architectural features clad in bright orange glazed lava stone.

The project has been designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment by efficiently using energy, water, and natural resources; whilst also reducing waste, pollution, and environmental degradation.

The building aims to protect occupant health and improve employee productivity through principles of sustainability.


  • a sustainable showcase for the business of B&Q, reflecting its brand, culture and values
  • bring together 1,400 staff from three separate sites into one main support store office


  • an adaptable building demonstrating commitment towards environmental sustainability
  • a highly efficient flexible operational environment maximising the use of natural daylight and ventilation

Integrated services

architecture, structural engineering, environmental engineering, interior design, acoustics, lighting