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Bonham Quay


Location Client Cost Size
Galway, Ireland Edward Capital €104m 28,000 sqm

Project details

Bonham Quay is a mixed use project comprising 26,000 sqm of Grade A office space and 2,000 sqm of retail and restaurant space. The development is designed as four office blocks alongside two public squares that all connect via landscape bridges.

Designed to accomodate a working community of 2,600, we included additional amenities into the development such as a cultural arts facility and a commuter and fitness centre. Located on an industrial site, overlooking Galway Docks, our extensive use of glazing allows for maximum access to views.

With a zero carbon target set for the development, environmental performance is key, especially when built on a contaminated urban site.

Integrated services

architecture, building services engineering, sustainability consultant, well-building consultant