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Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology Faculty


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Cambridge, UK University of Cambridge £42m 11,000m2 2016

Project details

A new building bringing together researchers from differ­ent locations working in the fields of molecular and micro­biology, materials and reaction engineering, sensor and biosensor and magnetic resonance research to promote collaboration and foster interdisciplinary working among researchers and students.

Labo­ratories wrap around a ‘researchers’ hub’ which contains academic offices, teaching and social space and library, together with central imaging support and pilot plant space to allow larger scale installations. The building celebrates the value of the ‘in between’ space with projecting oriels creating niches where small groups can gather adjacent to the laboratory. A strong sense of openness is achieved throughout, removing physical barriers between activities and the silo mindset that they foster. The laboratories enjoy a continuous horizontal glazed cloister window providing views and balanced light across the work areas.

The entire facility is treated as a Cat 2 (BSL 2) laboratory space to allow the biological work to be undertak­en in any part of the research facility along with a Cat 3 (BSL 3) laboratory suite, contained within the facility for work with Home Office notifiable pathogens.

Integrated services

architecture, landscape architecture, acoustics