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E-Luminate Cambridge


Location Client Completion
Cambridge E-luminate Festival February 2017

Project details

E-Luminate is a festival which celebrates the infinite possibilities created by light at the intersection of art and science. BDP’s lighting designers Lora Kaleva, Sarah Alsayed and Colin Ball created an exciting façade installation for the Guildhall, in the city centre.

Dynamic. Vibrant. Playful. BDP Lighting have designed an exciting facade installation that incorporates a blend of art, light and technology to transform the Guildhall and create a memorable public experience.

Stream of Light


  • to create an installation for a contemporary arts festival for a city which is at the forefront of scientific and technological research and to incorporate the festival theme “Play”
  • to launch the E-Luminate Festival which represents the city of Cambridge’s iconic buildings and public spaces in all their richness and diversity
  • to light up a building in a unexpected new way to challenge traditional ways of lighting a facade



  • the deconstruction of the Guildhall’s façade, avoiding standard flood or spotlighting to show urban night time in a surprising new light
  • a visually stunning installation that takes inspiration from the theme of the festival “Play” and projects a stream of light and movement. It cycles through ten different scenes giving it an ever changing appearance
  • it creates an element of surprise and joy, reflecting the Guildhall façade through a colourful lens


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