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Ealing Broadway


Location Client Completion
London, UK British Land 2016

Project details

The lighting design was driven by a desire to create bright soffits during the day with a smooth transition to restrained colour variable features at night.

Broadway Mall is Barrisol backlit with tuneable white and RGB edge lighting to create a clean contemporary entrance with a near daylight quality.

At night RGB edge lighting is supported by linear LED integrated within timber for a softer, colourful atmosphere. In the internal malls a white light / RGB stretched-membrane cove detail creates a bright, white impression during the day and colour variable feature at night. Warm downlights and linear LED strips complete the scene. The double height space contains a feature pendant installation – again with white and RGB light scenes. The external colonnade features a fibre optic ‘starry sky’ system, halogen quality LED downlights and grazing light to brick columns – elements that combine to create a pleasant evening ambience for the restaurants and bars along its length.

A starlit soffit and wall grazing combined with pooled downlighting  support the high end food offer at the colonnade which acts as the centre’s  front door.

an innovative detail is the circles of light composed of varying linear lines integrated with timber slats that completely disappear in the day when switched off – an invisible luminaire


  • refurbishment of a tired 1980s retail development in order to increase rental values, attract premium tenants, elongate the trading day and increase footfall
  • lighting design key to manage ceiling brightness to avoid gloominess during the day and create a sophisticated atmosphere at night


  • the town square was previously lit by closely spaced columns inhibiting event flexibility. Now entirely decluttered, the square is illuminated by a mix of overhead catenary-mounted projectors, planter kick detail and downlights integrated into blade signs. The addition of festoon lighting is for the festive period
  • an innovative detail used along the colonnade is a series of thin LED lines concealed between cedar ceiling slats. Invisible during the day, they fade in at night to create a warm, glowing soffit feature
  • all the white and RGB elements are centralised and co-ordinated. At night colour change moves slowly through a restrained palette to create variation and interest without distracting from the retail offers
  • energy has been saved by the conversion to LED and implementation of daylight-linked dimming

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