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East Kilbride Leisure Hub


Location Client Cost Size Completion
East Kilbride, Glasgow Orion £12.5m 16,000m² Dec 16

Project details

The leisure hub builds on the existing town centre development which was constructed in 1987. It retains the nine screen cinema, ice rink, library, restaurants and leisure facilities.

Our approach was to strip back the building to its structural frame and floor slabs so that new forms could be developed within the space. New shops, restaurants and a high level climbing wall were built as part of the scheme.

All existing supply and extract ventilation, heating, electrical and lighting systems were replaced with more efficient ones. The ice rink was reconstructed with a chiller plant and refrigeration system. As a result heat recovery was introduced to reduce energy costs. We created an environmental control which achieves the temperatures necessary for catering within the mall and adjacent to the ice rink.

An estimated 40% reduction in CO2 emissions has been achieved within the leisure hub.


  • design a redeveloped leisure and catering core within the existing centre
  • kickstart regeneration within the town


  • a renewed destination within the town centre which has gained value in the way of new visitors, brands and spatial experiences
  • REVO Gold Re:fresh Award 2017

Integrated services

architecture, building services engineering, interior design, lighting