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Cultural Centre, Sabah Al Ahmad


Location Client
Sabah Al Ahmad, Kuwait Public Authority of Housing Welfare (PAHW)

Project details

Creating such a large scale project while maintaing a humanistic approach is a complex challenge culturally, architecturally and environmentally, and we intend to set a new international standard for such facilities.

The key performance spaces are expressed as dynamic forms, informed primarily by their function but also pays abstract homage to the distinctive profile of the dhow, a sailing ship used for many generations as Kuwait’s primary means of export.

The whole development is unified by the a lily-pad roof canopy which is supported on timber columns creating a forest of tree-like structures within the central oasis garden.


  • design a new cultural centre for an emerging city within the Kuwaiti desert
  • provide state-of-the-art facilities and an inspirational home for a wide range of cultural activities


  • a landmark building and physical reference point for the new city
  • the project will highlight the rich historic and contemporary cultural activity of Kuwait and best practice in terms of performance spaces and sustainability

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