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The Hub Wall, BDP London Studio


Location Client Completion
London, UK BDP 2016

Project details

Making an Entrance

Every six months we have looked to use our Entrance Wall as a canvas to exhibit the work of our studio or host an artist. Each commission would take a few months of planning and implementation.

This year we took the opportunity to strip the features of the wall back to make it a smooth screen to receive projection. Two very powerful projectors create a single image that seamlessly reaches both the floor and ceiling.

Our Entrance now continuously changes. Since we started the projection works we have continuously received requests to project people’s models, sketches, designs and site productions such that we now have a stream of films that reveal the thoughts and processes of those that work in our building.

Visitors have been so impressed with the scale and impact of the images that we have hosted evenings specifically as events around our screen. As a result of these events we have hosted a number of Artists works as well. Each exhibition taking an hour of editing prior to projecting them into the space.

As we are continuing to learn the opportunities that film and animation can add to our creative work, we are also learning some surprising properties of large scale imagery such as: Brushed Silver records projection better than white, peripheral vision directly affects your mind’s sense of movement, people quickly get used to continually changing surfaces.

Every month we receive up to 30 minutes of new material from all parts of our team, containing all stages of the design works that we perform. All these sketches, models and videos are all demonstrating how we work to each of our guests before they’ve even reached our reception.

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