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Trade Rows Of GUM


Location Client Completion
Moscow, Russia Trading House of GUM 2004

Project details

The historic shopping centre is one of the country’s most important pieces of architecture.

It comprises three primary arcades each of which run 250 metres. These are intersected by three secondary routes which run at right angles. Each of the long arcades is crowned by a magnificent lofty glazed roof which is brought to a grand climax in a wonderful dome above the central intersection.

New lifts and escalators give access from ground to the two primary upper level galleries. At second floor, a number of lightweight contemporary bridges have been inserted in response to the new circulation pattern.


  • refurbish and extend one of Russia’s premier shopping centres
  • improve circulation and create a draw to tempt shoppers up to the top floor


  • the highest quality shopping available within Russia
  • a dramatic new venue for dining with magnificent views

Integrated services

architecture, environmental engineering, civil & structural engineering