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20 Old Bailey


Location Client Completion
London Blackstone October 2017

Project details

The lighting installations in the 20 Old Bailey office building occupy two double height, mini atriums sitting adjacent to an eight storey atrium above the main entrance.

The site's context was key to developing a narrative for the installations and we worked with the supplier Luum, using their pyramid Bangle product, to reflect the concept of order vs chaos. The south order atrium uses 100 pyramidal elements suspended together to create a larger, ordered cube form. The north atrium juxtaposed this with 80 elements exploding across the space representing chaos.

With the Luum elements suspended from the soffits, the lighting is recessed in the lower ground level to shield the sources from view. Linear LED uplights with narrow beam optics are clustered beneath the sculptures to punch light up through the Bangles. This illuminates the elements and creates a play of light and shadow on the soffit above. The ratio of polished to matte Bangles ensure some elements appear bright, whilst others reflect light at all angles adding a sparkle as viewers move between the two sculptures.


  • create a bespoke art installation for Blackstone’s £300m flagship building
  • develop an installation that can be viewed from different angles by visitors who walk between the atriums


  • lighting and sculpture inspired by the Old Bailey’s history of law and order, resulting in a final design that reflects the scales of justice and order vs chaos

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