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National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Worcester, UK University of Worcester £7m 15,000m2 2009

Project details

The Charles Darwin Building, National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit, University of Worcester.

A dedicated microbiology lab, forensics lab and a large climate controlled chamber for research into aerobiology for both outdoor and indoor environments, the facility explores distribution patterns in allergic pollen, pollen monitoring, hay fever and asthma, testing filters, forensics and the dispersal of pollen from GM crops. The Unit also carries out work on behalf of the police, analysing pollen and airborne particles to gather evidence in serious crime cases.

A dedicated test room, clean rooms, laboratory, data processing and ancillary areas are set around a landscaped courtyard to provide leading edge research and teaching facilities. The building also includes a high-tech environmental test chamber, which is capable of replicating almost any climate in the world.

Integrated services

architecture, civil & structural engineering, environmental engineering, landscape architecture, lighting, acoustics