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Outwood Academy Shafton


Location Client Completion
Barnsley Barnsley Partnership for Learning 2012

Project details

The Outwood Academy, formerly the Shafton Advanced Learning Centre, forms part of Barnsley’s Building Schools for the Future Programme. It accommodates full-time pupils and provides specialist facilities for the local community.

A central outdoor courtyard creates a science and technology garden on the first floor and brings daylight into a double-height heartspace at the centre of the building.

The community-orientated learning areas for art and music and a learning resource centre are connected to the south-facing social spaces which spill outdoors providing views across the Yorkshire landscape.


  • a new school to accomodate 1,500 pupils as well as a 150 place sixth form
  • create a broadened and enriched learning environment
  • provide sports, art and performance facilities for use by the local community


  • a transformational learning environment
  • a school open to the community for extended learning

Integrated services

architecture, civil & structural engineering, environmental engineering