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Roche Headquarters


Location Client Cost Completion Awards
Welwyn Garden City, UK Roche Products Ltd £50m 2005 4

Project details

Cutting costs and emissions and unifying a workforce under one roof.

We worked outwards from a central covered street that gives a focal point to the building.

The street connects the open-plan workspaces and includes a restaurant, health and fitness centre and library.

The resulting three-storey building uses timber-framed curtain walling, ground-water cooling from boreholes and an ammonia refrigeration plant that is both carbon-neutral and ozone-free.

Roche asked for quality without ostentation to attract and hold the best staff and this is what designer BDP has delivered. It has left the company delighted and thrilled.

BCO Award citation


  • bring together 1100 employees from separate sites under one roof
  • provide an attractive work environment with a range of facilities
  • achieve high environmental performance ratings


  • new working environment has boosted productivity
  • BREEAM Environmental Performance Index of ten: rated ‘Excellent’
  • saved the client enough time and money to build a previously deferred pharmacology block with the same supplier team
  • awards include the British Council of Offices Award (Best of Best) 2006 and the Wood Award (Offsite Awards & Innovation Award) 2006

Integrated services

architecture, environmental engineering, structural engineering, landscape architecture, interior design, acoustics, lighting