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Gorinchem, Bastion II

Project details

The location Bastion II is located on the northwest side of the old town of Gorinchem. It is part of the layer of developments around the old town.
The concept is based on plateaus. The new landscape, rising up to the old fortifications, allows for new and improved sightlines. Various new housing possibilities are offered in the urban plan, increasing the diversity of the housing stock. Using the guidelines established for the mill biotope, building blocks can rise up to a maximum of four stores.
The plan offers the possibility of locating service businesses in the plinths of the housing blocks near the core shopping center, without increasing that area on its own. There is however a demand for flexible spaces for working at home.
Parking is resolved underneath the rising landscape. The different landscaped levels give the public space a special quality and atmosphere.
The public space will be free of cars, with the atmosphere of the old town center extending into the planning area. This means stone materials in warm colours, while at the point of the area, the ‘urban sphere’ will transform into the ‘park sphere’, reacting to the green appearance of the fortifications. To fully accomplish this green feel, the roof of the eye catcher building will be green as well.