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Drechtsteden, Maasterras


Location Client Size Completion
Drechtsteden (Railzone Dordrecht - Zwijndrecht), the Netherlands Bureau Drechtsteden 150 hectares 2011

Project details

The site of roughly 150 hectares is a brownfield redevelopment. The master plan provides a long-term strategy for redeveloping this underutilised zone into a mixed-use urban area.

Maasterras is an area that is situated between the motorway and the railway, on both sides of the river Maas in Zwijndrecht and Dordrecht. The Railway-zone is a dilapidated and disparate area lacking focus, connectivity, character and development opportunities. The master plan creates a framework for the gradual transformation of the site into a high quality and attractive part of Dordrecht and Zwijndrecht: ‘The Gateway to the Drecht Cities’. One of the main design themes for the master plan for this area, is the creative use of, and gradual bridging over, of existing height differences formed by the dikes along the River Maas, the railway line and the motorway. This underutilized site will be developed into the new urban centre for the "Drecht" cities. The Ministry of Physical Planning has awarded this project an 8 million euro subsidy for its design excellence.

Integrated services

Urban Design