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Julianadorp, Noorderhaven

Project details

A prize-winning design for the redevelopment of the campus of a psychiatric institution. The redevelopment plan of this area falls within the framework of executing a guideline of de-concentration and reduction of the psychiatric institutions. In this context, on one hand the residents/clients are relocated in the future in outlying municipalities, while as on the other hand enticing the residents of these outlying municipalities to replace the clients. Reversed integration thus.
Along with the reversed integration, Noorderhaven has also to respond to the question of how to utilise its large green swathes of meadows. The green belts encircling it on all sides, deliver hardly any variations of age, developmental, spatial or ecological quality.
In the area to be developed in Noorderhaven, maximum 263 houses shall be built for the market. Thereafter space has to be provided for 208 clients that reside in diverse group sizes. Additionally 30 apartments for personnel should be provided.
In the design, the housing clusters are located in the Greens, around a central park space. The existing landscape has the potential to adapt to the proposed new vision as there are existing tree groups and water bodies present. Through the introduction of some large hedges, new paths and intensive grass mowing, the park will achieve its desired final form.