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Heerenveen, Sports Boulevard

Project details

Due to the shift of location of the Highway A32 and the construction of the new stadium for SV Heerenveen, there came about a long stretch of land free to the west of the new stadium. Various leisure and sport activities are planned around the stadium, including a sport academy. With high concentration of all sport-related activities, the area gets an identity of a "Sport boulevard". Situated on the west side of the sportboulevard are housing and offices.

In the following years, both sides of the sportboulevard shall be built up areas. Since the requirement of the peak periods of the stadium demands high density parking facilities, these are to be provided along a promenade, shaded with trees. The promenade is planned as a separate element, free from the building spaces, due to which it can be constructed earlier. The trees shall hence grow unhindered by the future construction activities. They shall contribute to a qualitative experience in the earlier stages of the development process.

The architecture of the stadium, academy and the offices have a hightech ambience. The open public spaces have been planned in warm tones to enhance the spatial quality of the pedestrian areas within this hightech complex.