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Verde Vista Development Framework


Location Client Size Completion
Zoeterwoude and Leiden Belvedère Oude Rijn (2001): municipality of Leiden and municipality of Zoeterwoude. Verde Vista Meerburg (2004-2008): development company Meerburg (municipality of Zoeterwoude and OPP (Ontwikkelings-en Participatiebedrijf Publieke Sector B.V.) Belvedère Oude Rijn: 87 hectares, Verde Vista Meerburg: 21 hectares Realisation started 2010

Project details

The city councils of Leiden and Zoeterwoude commissioned a development framework for the area between the two cities, resulting in the project Belvedère Oude Rijn. The route of National Highway 4 in this area is slightly curved and in the future will have a level difference of 18m, where the scheme is anticipated. An integrated design was proposed embracing the transition between the landscaped as well as the urban areas, and at the same time giving form to the traffic areas. Above all the design enables space for the new railway station and a large car park.

Belvedère forms the basis for a landscaped layout for the infrastructure whilst at the same time providing views overlooking the landscape. Due to this integrated approach in the design existing potential problems (like noise pollution) are solved in one stroke.

Through the structuring of earthen dykes along the highway, the downward slope of the highway levels is accentuated in the direction of the planned new aqueduct along the Old Rhine. This is also emphasised by the buildings which follow the contours, becoming higher as the highway ascends.

In 2004 the Council of Zoeterwoude commissioned BDP to develop the south side of the design further, resulting in Verde Vista Meerburg. In the developed design new buildings are placed along the highway with offices facing the side of the highway and the residences facing the open green area. The parking for these new buildings lies hidden from view by the dyke walls, under the built-up areas. The offices placed along the highway function as sound barriers for the housing behind.

Integrated services

urban design, design code, landscape architecture, design coordination and supervision