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Higher Education

We are leaders in the higher education sector, consistently creating inspiring learning environments. Gavin Elliott, head of education


Designing for higher education continues to form a significant proportion of our work. Education is increasingly recognised as a primary catalyst for social and economic development and this is reflected in our growing portfolio of projects.

We create student centred learning environments that promote interaction and address a range of needs from general teaching hubs through to specialist faculty buildings.

Our commitment to a user centred design ethos, our very strong sense of place and the adoption of innovative design technologies, such as design for manufacture assembly and low carbon timber structures, has continued to see our workload flourish.

Higher Education Projects

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Gavin Elliott

Principal, architecture, head of Manchester studio, head of education and sport Manchester
+44 [0]161 828 2200

Gavin is a principal and head of our Manchester studio. He also leads the education and sport sectors at BDP.

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