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Working with regions, cities and towns planning for people and places from vision and masterplan to design and delivery.


Cities are complex and dynamic social, economic and physical entities. Each place is unique and the way we design and plan urban places has a profound impact on people’s lives, society and the environment.

Our urbanism team embraces these challenges and responsibilities with a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach, engaging with cities, communities, developers and other stakeholders to inform decision making and to shape and deliver the places we live in.

For more information please download our Urbanism brochure.


Thought Pieces

We have launched an occasional series of urbanism bite-sized thought pieces, drawing on the opinions and expertise of all our urbanism teams in our studios around the world. We hope these will be a starting point for general discussion, a signpost for urban challenges and solutions and a platform for a diverse and sometimes provocative debate. You don’t need to be an qualified professional to join in - just curious and interested in the urban environment. 


Our urbanism team operates as an independent consultancy. Here are some of the clients and partners with whom we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. As you will see our clients span the globe and cover both public and private sectors and are from many different and varied organisations. Clients list.


We deliver the highest quality on time and in budget as attested by our many international awards. Please see the list of our awards in the Urbanism sector.

Urbanism Projects

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Francis Glare

Principal, Head of Urbanism, Head of New Delhi studio Manchester/New Delhi
+44 [0]161 828 2200

Francis is a principal and head of the New Delhi studio. He is also head of the urbanism sector across the practice and is involved in housing development.

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Martin Savage

Landscape Architect Director London
+44 [0]20 7812 8106

Since joining BDP in 2000, Martin has been involved in the design and delivery of a range of masterplanning, urban design, regeneration and landscape projects.

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