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Building Services Engineering

“PEOPLE FRIENDLY ENGINEERING” Andrew Swain-Smith, chair, building services engineering


Our environmental design group house building services, mechanical, electrical, public health and infrastructure engineers, specialist lighting designers, acoustic and sustainability consultants, BREEAM assessors and  building physicists.

Our engineering teams collaborate with other design professionals, drawing on our pool of specialists to deliver cutting edge, award winning projects.

Please see our building services engineering brochure for more details.

Core Values


BDP’s engineers are great communicators; working in a multidisciplinary practice means they must be able to explain complex technical issues in a way that is understandable to non-engineers.


True sustainability lies in meeting the 'triple bottom line' of environmental, social and economic considerations; we help clients meet these aims without incurring higher capital costs. Please click on sustainability for further information.

Controlled Innovation

Controlled innovation is key to delivering successful project without exposing clients to excessive risk.

We develop designs based on a best practice approach combined with our cross-sector experience to deliver design strategies that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the project.

BIM and Digital Engineering

We are at the forefront of Digital Engineering. BDP was the first company to be awarded the BRE Global’s BIM level 2 Certificate.

Soft Landings

We are part of the  BSRIA Soft Landings Executive and are advocates of the Soft Landings approach, engaging with stakeholders and end users throughout the design process to ensure that design solutions and delivered buildings are understood and welcomed by end-users and perform, as designed.

Building Services Engineering Projects

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James Hepburn

Principal, Building Services Engineering London
+44 [0]7738 696 714

James is a principal and leads engineering teams on projects across all sectors, working closely with the architects to design sustainable buildings.

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Chris Croly

Building services engineering director Dublin
+353 [0]1 474 0600

Chris manages the building services engineering team in the Dublin studio and ensures that it maintains its reputation as Ireland’s leading sustainable building design engineers.

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Steve Pardy

Building Services Engineering Director London
+44 [0]7894621092

Steve has extensive experience as a building services engineer specialising in complex laboratory and healthcare projects, and leads these sectors in the London studio. 

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