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Haberdashery -

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Haberdashery is a London based design studio using the power of light to create landmark sculptures and innovative lighting products for ambitious architects, interior designers, brands and institutions globally.


Our work combines beauty with a sense of purpose, celebrating the micro and the macro in order to create narrative driven moments for the viewer to get lost in.


Light has a universal ability to communicate, to transcend time frames, and to reach out to the soul; it is something to be controlled and equally let free to delight and surprise.


Led by founding partners Ben Rigby and Mac Cox, Haberdashery studio is a 22 person strong team combining the disciplines of design and engineering with a strong drive to integrate artistic approaches to creativity.


Their work follows a strong creative process rather than a house style, with each new project responding to brief, and then integrating play and innovation to the mix.


This blend of creative freedom with careful design consideration allows them to realise projects from contemporary lighting products through to large public sculptures; although the budgets might be very different, the same artistic philosophy is applied to each new creation.

Haberdashery have delivered over 450 unique sculptural projects in over 30 countries since 2007, with current projects underway for Foster + Partners, Selfridges & Co and British Land.


Surface textures and graphical detail often find their way into haberdashery work, and combine well with flowing sculptural aesthetics in order to tell stories that echo the architecture, historical context and geographical location around them.

This year several landmark public sculptures will be launched, along with the Evoke product range, inspired by our memories of found light; the first in this new product range is the Canopy pendant, inspired by light falling through a forest canopy realised as a gently-animated LED light effect on its hand-blown lead crystal shade.

Despite being a product with instructions and a warranty, it embodies the same approach Haberdashery apply to their own artworks and sculptural commissions, proving that budgets should not compromise an artistic philosophy or ambition.