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Christoph Ackermann

Christoph Ackermann

principal Glasgow
+44 [0]141 227 7900

Christoph is an architect and principal in the Glasgow studio.

He has considerable experience in delivering major projects across a variety of sectors including science and research, healthcare, education, workplace and retail. He leads interdisciplinary design teams in the development and construction of complex projects from inception to completion and has been managing and realising projects using Building Information Modelling for over a decade.

He recently completed the award-winning Technology and Innovation Centre for the University of Strathclyde and is currently delivering the new School of Engineering for the University of Edinburgh as well as the Student Teaching and Learning Hub at the University of Strathclyde and the BioHub Project in Aberdeen. Previous projects include Nanjing Medical University, Eastwood High School, Lasswade High School, Buchanan Galleries and the Capella Building in Glasgow.

What will design practices of the future be like?

“Whatever they are they won’t be as we imagine them today but hopefully a rewarding mixture of fun and challenges.”




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