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Gary Dicken

Gary Dicken

Architect director Abu Dhabi, UAE
+971 [0]2 627 6033

Gary is an architect director and leads our studio in Abu Dhabi.

Gary leads projects across the MENA region including two academies at Al Khor and Al Wakra for the Qatar Foundation, and a new academy at Al Khail in Dubai.

He has worked on projects across a variety of sectors throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa, and has been based in the Abu Dhabi studio since 2010.

Gary previously specialised in the design and delivery of complex research and manufacturing facilities in the fields of pharmaceutical, micro-electronics, bio-science and specialist healthcare.

Most exciting innovation in architecture and design right now?

“Digital technology. While design process and methodology remain a reassuring constant, digital technology is liberating many aspects of our built environment. New opportunities will continue to open up.”


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