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Ross Fletcher

Ross Fletcher

Architect director Glasgow
+44 [0]141 227 7900

Ross is an architect director in the Glasgow studio and has experience across a wide range of sectors.

Ross sees his key role as one of balancing the demands of client, quality, cost and time and trying not to lose sight of the fact that the prime objective is to create new spaces that add positively to people’s experience of everyday life.

He finds BDP a very fulfilling place to work with a breadth of projects in scale and type and an underlying ethos of humanity.  He also feels that the Glasgow studio has an unshakeable commitment to the quality of work produced.

Ross is pleased to have been involved in the mix of buildings, spaces, people and in creating some highly regarded buildings including Matthew Gloag Headquarters Perth; Scottish Enterprise HQ Glasgow; Napier University Business School Edinburgh and Union Square in Aberdeen.

What is the most exciting innovation in architecture?

“Perhaps not an innovation but the fact that people generally now have an expectation that key elements in their lives are designed, rather than just exist.”


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