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Gregory Fonseca

Gregory Fonseca

Architect Director London
+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Gregory is an architect director in the retail sector delivering mixed use and retail led projects both domestically and internationally.

His projects are predominantly focused on urban regeneration with mixed-use in the UK, and large scale retail-led schemes throughout Europe, the Persian Gulf and China.

He was instrumental in developing and negotiating a framework agreement with InterIKEA Centre Group which has supported the studio in securing multiple projects in multiple countries in recent years.

Most exciting innovation in architecture?

The idea of innovation is essentially about the commercialisation of ideas and inventions. Architecturally, main drivers for innovation now comprise low carbon, flexible spaces to support changing technology and a genuine ‘user focus’.  The ongoing implementation and or integration of current and future technological advances are making buildings more like organisms, adaptable to a shifting climate and ever changing world.


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