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Philip Gray

Philip Gray

Head of Sustainability London
020 7812 8000

Philip is our Head of Sustainability and is based in the London studio.

He has a passion for sustainability and environmental preservation and is committed to low energy and cost effective environmental design. His team has an impressive portfolio of environmental assessments, strategic development documents and environmental management enhancements.

Philip has contributed to a wide range of projects across all sectors, and has extensive experience in making these spaces better. He led the environmental design strategy for the new Low Carbon Enterprise Centre at the University of East Anglia, now considered one of the most sustainable buildings in the UK. He was also the BREEAM consultant for a zero-carbon building for the University of Essex.

He has also developed environmental design strategies for a number of organisations, including the British Council, BAA (Heathrow Airport) and PwC, as well as developing sustainability masterplans for various UK universities.

He is the current Chair of the Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership, and has been a speaker at Green Sky Thinking Week. He is also a member of the reviewing panel for our bdplab which brings together the innovation and research explored across the practice, as well as acting as a stimulus for new research initiatives with both academia and industry. 


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