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Richard Grove

Richard Grove

Acoustics director London
+44 (0)20 7812 8123

Richard is an acoustician who leads the profession in the London studio.

He is experienced in a broad range of acoustic disciplines, including front end design, large scale infrastructure construction and compliance testing and is able to apply that experience to work closely with our architects and engineers to integrate acoustic solutions seamlessly whilst working within the constraints presented by buildability and budget. He regularly contributes to research into new approaches to acoustics including the Noise Policy Statement for England and the effects of the Tate Modern Tania Bruguera/Kode9 infrasonic installation at Reproduced Sound. He is also chair of the Acoustics Technician Apprenticeship Trailblazer Group which won the inaugural John Connell Armstrong Next Generation Award at the annual Noise Abatement Society‚Äôs awards, to recognise and encourage the next generation of acoustic and soundscape practitioners.

Looking ahead, what will be the key characteristic of life/the industry/your specialism in 2050?

Acoustics practitioners will have broader knowledge beyond their own subject matter, and will have altered their thinking from the tradition approach of noise suppression to an approach that appreciates the qualities of all sounds, enabling more holistic placemaking.


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