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Graham McClements

Graham McClements

Principal, South Region Chair London
+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Graham is a principal, Head of London studio and South Region Chair. He was previously head of the workplace sector and was directly involved in the development of the BDP studio in India.

He is currently leading BDP's largest interdisciplinary project,  a new global R&D centre and corporate headquarters in SE England and he is a champion for science and research projects across the practice. Through his profession and sector roles he pioneers a strong design ethos, using his specialist expertise to advance BDP internationally.

Prior to his move to London, Graham worked with BDP Scotland for over 20 years on a selection of projects, including The Scottish Record Office, the Scottish Widows HQ, and the BCO Award winning Scottish Enterprise HQ.

What will architectural practices be like in the future?

“In architecture, knowledge and professional competence, including in the crucial matter of sustainable development, will be increasingly codified and widely available. As architects, our value will be increasingly determined by the cultural meaning and simple delight we can bring to dense urban living.”

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