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Peter Marshall

Peter Marshall

Architect director Shanghai
+86 [0]21 6196 2500

Peter leads the Shanghai studio. He has a deep understanding of the commercial and technical aspects of large complex projects and has extensive experience as an international architect.

Peter specialises in hospitality and high quality mixed use projects with recent clients including Mandarin Oriental, InterContinental Hotels Group, Kuntai Group and Beijing Meirui Taifu Co Ltd.

Peter has a holistic appreciation of the construction process from concept to completion having completed a broad range of projects based on the principles of design innovation and understanding the clients’ commercial objectives. Peter also has considerable experience in China as an architect in concept and detail design, co-ordination with specialist consultants and detail technical design.

What will the architecture/design practices of the future be like?

Hollywood and daily life will merge closer as architects become more like movie directors using fully simulated 3D animation with studio crew making a movie of the project and technical crew taking over to deliver the BIM solution downstream to the construction crew in a seamless linked process.


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