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Laura Smith

Laura Smith

Building Services Engineering Director London
+44 [0]20 7812 8000

Laura is based in our London studio and specialises in engineering cultural, heritage and higher education projects.

She is currently bringing her wide experience across several sectors to the restoration and renewal programme to help ensure the safe and secure future of the Palace of Westminster. Her education projects include the Enterprise Centre at University of East Anglia, and the updating of London South Bank University’s estate in south London. This involves refurbishing the existing buildings to create high quality academic space, as well as the development of new lecture theatres, performance theatres and a creative arts block.

Laura advocates an open and collaborative approach, working closely with both clients and the wider project team, and enjoys learning about new technology and understanding different design drivers. She is a strong believer in carrying out post occupancy research to understand how well systems perform and suit the needs of the end user, which shapes her approach to building services design. She believes increasingly we will be more focused on maximising comfort and user wellbeing whilst achieving net zero carbon and low water use buildings. There will be more focus on in-use building performance and understanding how and where our resources are used.

She is a Chartered Environmentalist and an LEED Accredited Professional and has participated in the CIBSE mentoring scheme to improve opportunities for both people and smaller companies in the industry. She was also a finalist in the Best Woman Electrical and Mechanical Engineer category at the WICE Awards in 2020.

What is the most exciting design innovation?

Digital engineering, BIM and the future of smart technologies, when paired with careful consideration and scientific analysis of what makes a good design, will be a really powerful tool over the next few years.


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